Calculating and simulating 2D and 3D cams

For several years, our technicians have been calculating and designing 2D and 3D cams using an excel app which, according to the required application, allows to choose among different types of cam and many motion laws.

With this tool we can calculate rise, speed, acceleration, jerk, angle of pressure, cam bending radius and, when the correct geometry of the cam is defined, we can transfer it to the most used 3D design (SolidWorks, ProE, Autocad, Solid designer, SolidEdge, etc.).

Once the cam is designed, for quality control purposes, we verify the mechanism using the kinematic simulation and, if necessary, we can easily  adjust the cam profile, the motion law or other changes.

Working this way we create a virtual and quick loop which gives the client the possibility to save time and fulfil the final result as expected.