Kinematics simulation and dynamic tests

verifiche cinematiche

In our team there are engineers who make kinematics tests and dynamic simulations using the Motion Cosmos/Adams software of SolidWorks

The kinematics simulation gives complete information on kinematics and dynamic aspects of all the components of a machine in motion. It can be used to simulate accurately and to analyse the movement of a machine adding effects of the elements coming out from the movement, such as forces, springs, damping and friction).

We can design and simulate their movement:

  • 2D and 3D trajectories
  • Cam profiles
  • Working phases of automatic machines (such as inserting and extracting components)

We can calculate and optimize:

  • Laws of motion
  • Inertial forces
  • Acceleration
  • Movements

The results of the kinematic analysis provide the input data of the constraint reactions and on the inertial forces which operate on each joint of the mechanism. Beside that, if necessary, we carry out the analysis of the deformation and/or of the stress on the component, we move it into a FEM software for the structural analysis.

verifiche cinematiche